winter camping nightmare in texas part 2

Winter Camping Nightmare in Texas

Complaining about the Florida heat already? Well, this post from Wanderlocal’s winter misadventure in Texas might cool you down.

Daniel Runs the Boston Marathon Virtually

For runners, qualifying for the Boston Marathon is like finding the Holy Grail. There are people who train for years to get fast enough to get the honor, but every […]

Our Morning Routine in the RV

She’s a morning person. He is most definitely not. The latest from our Airstream twosome shows us how they start the day.

Tour our new Airstream — which is also our new home!

Recently, we told you about driving to Tampa to pick up our new Airstream. Check! It was wonderful to get in our new digs and to finally move in. We […]

The Wanderlocal team's new home-to-be.

Moving Out of Our Airstream

Until now, we were traveling in a borrowed unit while Airstream built our very own 2021 30-foot camper. She’s finally ready!

Even the fountain waters are hot!

Some Like It Hot: A spa-riffic stop at Hot Springs National Park (before the snowstorms)

The Wanderlocal team took their Airstream to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Luckily they got a spa day instead of a snow day.

Top 10 Things to Know Before Committing to Life in an Airstream

Living in an Airstream — as with most things in life — comes with lots of things you learn by trial and error. Here are the top 10 things we wish someone would’ve told us before we became full-time RV residents.

Running a Marathon on the Donut Trail

Reese’s peanut butter cup donuts. That’s how we started this adventure. I mean, it’s carb-loading, right? And Daniel had a marathon to run. See, it’s all part of my husband’s […]

Meeting Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio

Fun fact: The Cincinnati Zoo has been around since 1875. Since we’ve made it our mission to discover the wonders in our own backyard, we had to take a trip […]

Hiking with Giants in Kentucky

Since y’all know that we like to walk and run like our lives depend on it, for this adventure, we decided to embark on our longest hike yet, listed at […]