Weekend Wheels: Kia’s 2022 Carnival has SUV style with minivan space

Those marketeering maestros at Kia have found a new way to repackage, rebrand, and maybe even reinvent the tofu-esque minivan.

Weekend Wheels: Bentley’s Continental GT Speed

Crush the throttle on Bentley’s newest speed demon and it’s hard not to shout “Shake and Bake!”

Weekend Wheels: Ford’s new Maverick is the steal of the year

What’s that? No one in their right mind would want a $19,995 truck? Well, I drove one for a week and loved every second.

Weekend Wheels: Cadillac’s new thrill ride

The most powerful production Caddy ever is a gym session on wheels. 

Weekend Wheels: Mitsubishi’s new Outlander puts on a bold face

The all-new three-row SUV is a high-value head-turner, but the engine needs a shot of Red Bull.

Weekend Wheels: The new SL is a performance tour de force

This is the most technically complex SL ever. But it is also the most thrilling to drive. 

Weekend Wheels: Infiniti’s sleek and swoopy new QX55

Sadly, this racy-looking Infiniti doesn’t drive with as much passion as you’d expect.

The Legacy Limited XT pairs nicely with a Ya La'ford mural in St. Pete. (All photos by Howard Walker.)

Weekend Wheels: There’s a reason the Subaru Legacy is so popular

This cherry-red Legacy Limited XT will get you from A to B in an easy, comfy, refined style.

Head over to the Dark Side in the new Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge

What you have with this new Ghost Black Badge is the car-maker’s darkest, boldest, most “murdered out” offering yet.

Hyundai’s new Santa Cruz is ready for action

The go-anywhere, throw-anything-in-the-back Hyundai Santa Cruz is one of the coolest rides out there now.