The 16-ounce pork chop at Bascom's

Friday Food Fight: Pork-Choppin’ It Up — Bascom’s vs. Charley’s

How will two heritage steakhouses fare against each other?

Fo'Cheezy Mac N' Cheese and sandwich.

Friday Food Fight: A Mac-and-Cheese Throwdown

Which restaurant’s creamy concoction will triumph?

Enchiladas from Red Mesa (left) and Chili Verde.

Friday Food Fight: An Epic Enchilada Challenge

A touch choice between two contrasting restaurants.

Chicken noodle soup from Kristina's Cafe (left) and Earl of Sandwich

Friday Food Fight: A Chicken Noodle Soup Taste-Off

Two restaurants ladle out their best efforts. Which is the most comforting?

Latte, drip coffee and muffins at Cafe Ladro, Seattle

Friday Food Fight (Special Edition): A Tampa Bay vs. Seattle Coffee Bout

A Northwest coffee mecca and a Southeast upstart battle it out for bragging rights.

Friday Food Fight: Crab Cakes Face Off

Two seafood restaurants — so different in many respects — vie for the prize.

A wedge of German-style cheesecake from Cafe Mozart.

Friday Food Fight: Clash of the Cheesecakes

We compare two types from local bakeries that don’t make the ubiquitous New York-style.

A half-rack of ribs, plus beans and slaw at Urban Brew and BBQ

Friday Food Fight: ‘Cue the Ribs Showdown

A statewide BBQ titan and a downtown St. Pete favorite vie for which serves the best ribs.

A big bowl of fries from the Bier Boutique. (photo: David Downing)

Friday Food Fight: Le Duel des French Fries

You can get fries most anywhere, but we chose two restaurants known for them.

A chocolate shake by Urban Creamery

Friday Food Fight: A Milkshake Showdown

Which of two places known for making great shakes makes the better one?