Pilot Bank President Rita Lowman talks to Tom duPont

Rita Lowman, the president of Pilot Bank, wrote a book in 2016 called From the Farm to the Boardroom: Leadership Lessons. As that title suggests, her life has been a […]

Douglas Elliman Real Estate in St. Pete? It's a big deal. Jay Phillip Parker and Tom duPont explain why.

Douglas Elliman, the third largest residential brokerage in the U.S., has bought Strickland Property Group, one of Pinellas County’s most successful real estate firms, and has opened an office in […]

dRTB Live: Paul Wilborn talks about his new book, ’80s Ybor and more

He’s the man! The one and only Paul Wilborn! Except there can’t really be just one, can there, because how does one man do all this stuff? Here’s our dRTB […]

Jason Alpert.

dRTB Live: Watch Tom duPont's interview with awesome auctioneer Jason Alpert

If you’ve ever attended a fund-raiser where Jason Alpert was the auctioneer, you know how good he is at his job — perhaps because you couldn’t resist bidding on something! […]

Bill Walsh.

dRTB LIVE: Tom duPont talks to Tampa Bay Rays VP Bill Walsh

Our fearless leader, Tom duPont, talked today on dRTB Live, our weekly Facebook Live broadcast, with one of the leaders of the MLB-leading Tampa Bay Rays, VP of Strategy & […]

duPontCast – Tampa Bay’s Movers & Shakers Podcast

It’s not every day you explore the future of the Tampa Bay area. That’s why Tuesday at 3 pm is special at duPont REGISTRY Tampa Bay. Publisher Thomas L. duPont […]