Noise Maker: Aston Martin’s new Vantage Roadster

$147,000 worth of rolling thunder that packs more thrills than a day at Disney.

The 2021 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon 4xe.

Jeep’s hybrid Wrangler 4xe is electrifying

While it was fun driving an electric-assist Wrangler, it did feel at times like I was driving a science project.

Ford’s Bronco Sport is ready to play in the dirt

With its wheels sunk deep into the soft sand, I thought I’d have to call Triple-A. But I was underestimating the magic of G.O.A.T., as in Goes Over Any Terrain.

Photos by Howard Walker.

Volkswagen’s latest Arteon is a piece of rolling art

The name stems from the Latin word “artem,” which roughly translates into “art.” And the “eon” part? Maybe that’s because it’s been eons since Volkswagen has had a car in its lineup that looked this good.

All photos by Howard Walker.

Lamborghini’s Huracán EVO RWD Spyder supercar will stir your soul

If you’ve ever wanted to feel truly alive, feel as if every synapse in your body is dialed up to an 11, then this is your car.

Mini’s new Plug-in Countryman is one tasty treat

The new hybrid Mini offers the best of both worlds, letting you save the planet and have fun doing so. Cake — and eating it.

Genesis GV80. Photo: James Lipman /

Here’s why Tiger survived: The Genesis GV80

I’m pretty sure this brand new Genesis, with its 10 airbags, advanced driver-assistance systems and high-strength steel body, saved Tiger’s hide.

The 2021 Camry XLE. Photo: Howard Walker.

Toyota’s latest Camry has one of the smoothest motors on the planet

Had a lousy day Zooming on the computer? Slide into the XLE’s perforated leather seat, bring to life that silken 3.5-liter V6, and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Meet Mercedes, the voice of the new GLE 450

She’s just another reason to love this latest version of the GLE, which is still Mercedes’ best-selling SUV. And rightly so.

Plug it in: Volvo’s S60 T8

Here’s a big ol’ mouthful of automotive alphabet soup for you to digest: Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine E-AWD Inscription Plug-in Hybrid.