Champa Bay? Title Town? Tompa Bay?

Following the amazing stomp-down that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers delivered to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs — which followed in the wake of the Lightning’s Stanley Cup victory, the Rays’ World Series stand and the Rowdies’ USL Eastern Conference win — pundits everywhere were offering up new nicknames for the winningest region around.

There’s Tompa Bay, enshrining you-know-who as our namesake champeen.

Or Champa Bay, which is more all-embracing, covering all of our winning teams.

And then there’s Title Town. Besides being pleasingly alliterative, this one has an extra kick: It’ll aggravate Boston! (And Green Bay, but they really shouldn’t be in the running because all their titles were from one team.)

Which one do you like best? Got another to throw into the mix? Send your nominations to!