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Let’s hear it for the underdogs! Tonight marks the first time a Washington, D.C.-based team has appeared in the World Series since 1933. So, even though just about everyone in the baseball prognostication biz predicts that the Washington Nationals will lose to the fearsome Houston Astros, you gotta root for an upset, no? Especially since the Nats’ manager, Dave Martinez, used to be the Rays’ bench coach, and even moreso because the Astros stopped the Rays from continuing their own amazing playoffs run. 

And here’s another battle for the ages: Can Charlie Brown, the ultimate underdog, beat the opening game of the World Series in the ratings? And more to the point, will Linus ever meet The Great Pumpkin? So far, in the 50-plus years he’s been waiting for it, no such orange personage has shown up (unless you count… nah, won’t go there). But he can still dream, and so can we.

World Series on Fox and 620-AM, 8:08 p.m.; It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, 8 p.m, ABC.

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