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dR Daily 10/24: Read up and vote early

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The Best Thing You Can Do Today: Vote — but read these helpful details first

Voting early is the best thing you can do today — and if not today, you’ve still got time. Early voting began in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties on Oct. 22 and continues from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. each day through Sun., Nov. 4. Unlike Election Day (Nov. 6), when you have to vote in the polling place of your precinct, early voting allows you to choose from a variety of locations: 20 in Hillsborough, five in Pinellas. Make sure to bring both signature and photo i.d. with you.

Voting by mail? There’s still time for that, too, but at this point it’s better to drop off your signed and sealed ballot in person rather than trusting the mails. In Pinellas, you can do that at one of three elections offices or at your polling place on Election Day; in Hillsborough, you can drop it off at an early voting location or at your Nov. 6 polling place (and remember, the polls in both counties close on Election Day at 7 p.m.).

But what’s that? You don’t yet know enough — in particular, about the proposed FL constitutional amendments — to be able to make reasoned choices? Well, here’s a great resource:, the League of Women Voters’ comprehensive and nonpartisan voting guide, which includes, yes, balanced discussions of those pesky amendments.

So get informed, then get out the vote — yours!