dR Daily 11/2/20: The 2020 SNL Election Special

dR Daily

Saturday Night Live throws together best-of shows for every holiday; I mean, what would Christmas be without a reprise of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg singing about that special gift?

But there’s been no day when we’ve been more in need of a good laugh than this one:

Election Eve 2020!

Accordingly, SNL has put together a 2020 Election Special, airing at 10 tonight on NBC. I don’t know what sketches they’ll be including, but I think it’s a safe bet you’ll see Tina Fey’s triumphantly clueless Sarah Palin, Kate McKinnon’s manic Hillary Clinton, Jim Carrey’s slightly dizzy Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin’s unmistakeable Trump. Maybe they’ll even dip deeper into the vaults and reconnect us with Chevy Chase’s pratfalling Gerald Ford or Darrell Hammond’s smarmy Bill Clinton.

Whoever your candidate, whatever your party, laughter should help soothe your pre-election nerves — for an hour, at least.

Saturday Night Live Election Special 2020: NBC (WFLA-8), 10 p.m.

PS: Here’s a brief rundown of SNL political impressions from five years ago, hosted by none other than Meet the Press host Chuck Todd — who’s lately been the subject of some pretty snarky impersonations himself (“Do you like my bangs?”).