The Tampa International Fringe Festival's kinda mysterious logo.

dR Daily 5/6: What's happening at the Fringe tonight?

Marie-Claude Tremblay.

Monday nights can be slow, A&E-wise, but not tonight. Thanks to the Tampa International Fringe Festival, you’ve got seven shows to choose from at venues around Ybor City, with talents like Marie-Claude Tremblay (Thank You Notes, 7 p.m., HCC Ybor) and Nick Hoop (Women and Wallace, 8:30 p.m., HCC Ybor) on stage, and five more shows to choose from that might be great, might be not so great, might be like nothing you’ve ever seen. That’s the beauty of Fringe: serendipity all around! Head to Ybor City, stop by Fringe HQ (aka Gaspar’s Grotto) or go to the Fringe website, pick a show that sounds like fun, and go! Shows continuethrough Saturday, 5/11,