dR Daily 9/10/19: Helios Jazz Orchestra w. Scotty Wright

Put some snap into your Tuesday with an evening of jazz at the Palladium’s Side Door Cabaret. Watch out, though; the 18-piece Helios Jazz Orchestra swings so hard and bright that they might just blow that side door right off. The featured soloist — singer/pianist/composer Scotty Wright — will do his part to raise the roof. With a nimble baritone that can reach high and low, a deft way with a lyric and over 40 years’ experience performing all over the world, he brings major chops and easy charm to the cabaret stage. This is gonna be a good one. Tues., 9/10, 7:30 p.m., Side Door at the Palladium, 253 5th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, mypalladium.org.