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It’s the holidays, which means it may be time to break out that special-occasion wine you’ve been saving for, well, a special occasion. But you’ve got to be careful with mature wines; you don’t want to make the big presentation, start to uncork the bottle only to have the cork crumble and break off.  Enter the patented Durand™ Corkscrew — exceptionally effective in removing compromised and fragile corks, whole and intact, from older, valued bottles. See it in action here, or pick one up at the Bella Vino Wine and Cheese Market in Belleair Bluffs.

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From now throughout the holiday shopping season, dR Gift Guide will be offering online suggestions for the perfect gift, from Stomp Rockets to diamond rings, from hand-blown glass ornaments to a million-dollar yacht (good luck fitting that one under the tree). Stay tuned to to see what’s next on our list.

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