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Wild & Fresh or Heart to Tail? We put them to the taste test, with help from a friend.

The contenders.

You’ve always wondered, haven’t you? That dog food looks so tasty, but is it really? What if I were to try just a spoonful myself?

For this April 1, 2022, edition of Friday Food Fight, we asked these same fundamental questions. Here, in our first FFF video report, are the results:

Thank you to our trusted canine friend Monty and his lovely owner Cindy for hosting Friday Food Fight. And remember, everybody, do not try this at home (unless, that is, you’re feeding your dog).

The magnificent Monty. (Photos courtesy Cindy Stovall)

PS/Correction: The dog food Wild & Fresh is not a Freshpet product, contrary to what was said during the video. And while we didn’t get a chance to let Monty try the Heart to Tail Filet Mignon dish which is shown in the photo, he did, as promised, get an after-dinner treat. (I think it was chicken jerky.)

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