From A to Z: The Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle List 2019

It’s here! The 2nd Annual A to Z ListduPont Registry Tampa Bay‘s encyclopedia of luxury.  This year’s categories range from Art to Zinfandel and everything luxurious in between. Cars? Check. Yachts? Check.  Diamonds? Of course. And smaller luxuries, too: Happy Hours, Ice Cream, even Quesadillas.

Want to see all the categories — and more to the point, all the winners? Page through the digital version or find the print edition in your mailbox, in a Barnes & Noble or on a coffee table near you. And keep an eye on this site and social media for shareable individual posts on the winners in each category.

A few words of explanation are in order, in case our “A to Z” concept is new to you. It’s more or less dRTB’s version of a “Best-of” list. Each year our team decides on a category for each letter and then brainstorms what businesses are exemplary in that category. 

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line at I categorically invite your input. 

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