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Robinson M.D. guides patients to optimum gut health


Robinson M.D. offers personalized medical care and empowers patients to achieve optimal health by providing individualized strategies focused on restoring the natural ability of the body to heal.

When you join Robinson MD, you get everything from a comprehensive annual physical to blood draws and EKG plus weight loss programs, nutrient IV therapy, customized nutritional and supplement plans, bio-identical hormone replacement and even laceration repair and suture removal.

Fixing Your Gut


Dr. Robinson’s best-selling book, “Road Map to Health” – 7 Steps to Alter Your Destination, provides a simple map to better health – in a language you can understand. Step one – Fixing Your Gut – is core to this revolutionary approach to health. “Your gut has the important job of bringing in what your body needs, and keeping out what it doesn’t,” says Dr. Robinson.

Eating right (fiber, plant-based foods), avoiding certain medications (acid blockers, NSAIDS), reducing stress and dealing with diseases that imbalance the immune system helps maintain gut health. “The gut is called the second brain, producing 70-80 percent of your body’s serontonin which influences mood and wellbeing,” adds Dr. Robinson.

Eat a clean diet, avoiding artificial sweeteners, preservatives, GMOs, BPA and foods with antibiotics or hormones.

Be sure to eat probiotic-rich foods. Consider supplements that promote gut healing such as zinc, magnesium, probiotics and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Poor Gut Health

Eliminate trigger foods that contribute to poor gut health, which differs from person to person and includes gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, and nuts.

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