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Photo courtesy of Tech Lighting, available at Ferguson

Lighting a room is more than hanging a chandelier and buying a couple of table lamps. Today, designers are taking advantage of advances in lighting technology to create rooms redefined by multiple layers of lighting.

Julian Exclusa, spokesperson in Florida for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, says planning a home’s lighting today is exciting because there are so many ways to use light exactly where it is needed, resulting in rooms where the space is not dominated by a single bulb but is instead illuminated by a collection of discrete, often hidden, fixtures.

Lighting, in fact, has come so far Ferguson’s consultants undergo a six-month certification through the American Lighting Association, to fully understand dimmers, wattages, products, and architectural details that impact the type of light needed for a specific space, he says. Advances in LED lighting have led the charge towards this “layered lighting” phenomenon.

Today’s LED lights last upwards of 50,000 hours, can be used with dimmer switches, and come in lighting “temperatures” to compliment any application. Quality control is so good, lighting companies now offer products that take full advantage of LED’s long lifespan.

For example, PureEdge Lighting, sold through Ferguson, manufactures frames that sit inside drywall. These linear systems house single rows of customizable, commercial-grade white or color changing strips that project a line of bright clean light without excess heat.

These striking designs turn a plain wall into an architectural statement while providing enough light to illuminate a room or can be cut to size to showcase a single piece of artwork.

Recessed lighting, as well, has changed completely. Gone are the days of six-inch flush mounted lights with white plastic edging propped up against a ceiling. PureEdge’s Aurora Adjustable Accent lights are finished flush to the ceiling and are paintable. They come in sizes as small as 1.3-inches, are available in round and square shapes and offer LED lights in red, green, and blue. Choosy homeowners can create pockets of ambiance with two-inch lights that simultaneously compliment and support the primary lighting from the larger cans—all with the hardware hidden in the ceiling.

For increased efficiency and ease of install TaskWork LED Tape Light by Kichler® offers fully customizable lighting for odd spaces inside and outside the house. Frequently, these intricately designed strands run along toe-kicks in kitchens, under cabinets, and even in bathrooms as nightlights, say Ferguson’s sales staff.

The result is light where it is needed, as it is needed; from the beauty of a crystal chandelier in a foyer to task lighting at a workspace to illumination along an adjoining hallway and a spotlight on a single piece of artwork—each layer leading the way through a beautiful home.

Tampa offers many options in lighting and for additional shopping choices consider visiting Lights & More in Tampa.

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