Indulge! Luxurious products for women and men in 2021

Wearing a mask can diminish the enjoyment of our senses, so why not drench ourselves and others with luxuries that reveal delightfully better skin, hair, beauty and aroma? Happy indulging! 

 La Mer The Treatment Lotion, $115 at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Rich with humectants to prevent dry skin.
Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick, $36 from Blue Mercury. The most glamorous lipstick to whip out of your bag — and it’s refillable.
Aesopmoroccan Neroli Post Shaving Lotion, $50 from Mr. Porter.
Botanical-based with hydrating post-shave comfort.
Diptyque Hourglass 34 Diffuser, $190 at Saks.
One of the most creative ways to diffuse, one hour at a time.
Layton Eau de Parfum from  Parfums de Marly, $310 at Saks.
A handsome scent with bold confidence.
Delina Hair Mist by Parfums de Marly, $70 at Saks.
An alluring & addictive scent. You’ll want to spray it all over.
Mason Pearson detangler comb, $36 at Saks. The comb of combs.
 Angela Caglia Skincare Self-Love Rose Quartz Eye Mask, $140.
Cool relief through the energy of rose quartz.

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