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Your Yard Should Be As Distinctive As You

Think of it as the first – and last – impression made on those who come calling. Consider it a reflection of who you are, how you live and what you like. View it as an expression – and extension – of your particular style, just as the interior of your home showcases your personal tastes.

Homes are designed and decorated with owner’s desires’ in mind. Why would a yard be any different? Why shouldn’t a yard be as distinctive as you?

What a homeowner does, or doesn’t do, to landscape the lot where their single-family residence is located, can vary greatly. The effort invested can be cosmetic, a matter of keeping the grass trimmed, the lawn watered and the leaves raked.

Or the impact can be dramatic, even theatrical. Imagine living walls covered with lush greenery or arcs of water cascading across a pond. Consider the different moods invoked while playing music outdoors or the visual impact created by strategically placing colorful lights shining upwards on tall palm trees or discreetly placed to subtly highlight a home. How about an artistically designed walkway featuring pavers arranged in patterns? Whether it’s through the use of technology, materials like stone, tile or brick or dramatic fountains, there are multiple ways to turn an ordinary area into an extraordinary retreat. You could decide to do something major that requires you to looking into earthmoving equipment hire and making a blueprint of the garden to get your property looking it’s best.

The idea is to put a personal stamp on your yard in a way that sets it apart, makes the area more inviting and elevates the appearance, as well as the value, of the property.

It all starts with a vision and, ideally, the expertise of professionals.

“The process begins with the conceptual phase. Once it is presented and reviewed, we create a master plan. The idea is to create a cohesive plan that is based on the experiences, influences and lifestyle of the client,” said  Joe Argentine, principal of Argentine Landscaping Company. Argentine’s residential landscaping projects typically include homes that are under construction or undergoing extensive renovations. In such situations, the landscaping alone can represent costs ranging from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Landscaping is becoming an increasingly popular focal point and residential feature for homeowners throughout the U.S., according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

“It is clear that Americans think a well-maintained yard is important and they value the contributions of landscape professionals like Legion Landscaping Kennesaw,” according to the association. A poll conducted in 2015 for the association found that “three quarters of Americans feel it is important to spend time outside in their yards.”

Apparently, spending time also means spending money. A survey by Harris Poll shows expenditures on landscape contracting is expected to remain steady, with the most significant increase being in the design build sector.

Argentine is a long-established, locally based business that is recognized for taking landscaping projects to new levels. The exterior lighting and design-build company excels at embracing new technology, developing innovative designs and, not only designing, but also installing and maintaining custom spaces for pools, patios, yards and docks.

“Everything is custom-designed to be unique and to work well with the elements around it, the geographic location and the lifestyle of the person we are creating the environment for,” Argentine added, acknowledging the firm’s head designer Bart Beck’s invaluable contributions to the creative process.

Thanks to recent technological advancements and improvements in the quality and durability of outdoor lighting and audio systems, Argentine is seeing significant demand for those amenities and now specializes in that niche business.

Energy efficiencies, sturdier components and increased durability designed to withstand weather-related hardships, or other conditions that can affect the lifespan of lighting and audio installations, have definitely contributed to the increased popularity among homeowners.

That means deciding early on in the renovation or construction process what to include in the landscaping and allowing the architect or contractor to work collaboratively with the landscaping firm to ensure the installation is fully integrated into the plans and the execution is seamless.

“We found that when someone is considering their landscaping, they need to take that into account as soon as possible,” Argentine said. To ensure everything is properly installed, fully operational and easily maintained, Argentine recommends using a full-service firm that can see the project through from start to finish and provide on-going care.

To encourage that comprehensive approach, Argentine will escort clients to homes that already have undergone a landscape installation.

“Before you build a house, you look at other houses. So, we take our clients to see other projects we have done,” he said. “It helps them get a feel for the value and to gage what they want to do and where they want to be.”

After viewing a residential exterior that was a bit beyond his original budget one client commented, “That’s a start.” That reality check of what could be done for the estimated cost enabled the client to better equate what he wanted with what he needed to spend to obtain the results he wanted.

“Our philosophy is create, build, play. We pride ourselves on offering custom creations for each client with a commitment to innovation, master craftsmanship, sustainability and the environment.”

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