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Luxury Bathroom That Doubles As A Spa-like Sanctuary For The Home

Clean, contemporary lines, combined with a focus on health and hygiene are the hottest new trends for creating a luxury bathroom that doubles as a spa-like sanctuary for the home. After a stressful day, taking some time to rejuvenate and pamper yourself can be just as important to your well being as eating well and exercising. Want to update your bath to reflect the latest decorating ideas and high-tech innovations? Here is some advice from the experts.

Luxury And Stylish Design


Bathroom faucets are no longer just utilitarian but can be a striking design feature, especially if it’s installed by a good quality Toronto plumber. “Modern shapes and forms for bathroom faucets feature clean, curved lines and soft edges that make them easy to incorporate into any design style, from traditional to contemporary,” says Ferguson Tampa showroom Manager Jennifer Hettich.

Vanities are also a far cry from the standard bathroom cabinets that many of us grew up with. “With today’s vanities, it’s all about the unity of form and function, as well as personalization,” says Hettich.“Cabinets can be customized with your choice of finish, configuration,adaptable accessories and bold color options.”

Luxury Rejuvenation


Clawfoot tubs and tubs with pedestal bases are out, says Hettich. But that doesn’t mean homeowners aren’t enjoying the opportunity to indulge with a long, deep, hot soak. Instead, the latest trend is toward freestanding tubs designed with clean lines and sleek geometric shapes.These tubs create a cool sculptural look that serves as focal point for the room.

Steam showers that bring the health club or spa experience to the privacy of your bathroom are another great way to relax tense muscles and give yourself a few moments of serenity after a long week. There’s nothing like the experience of lounging in a steam room, but within the comfort and privacy of your own home, says Hettich, Steam showers can also improve the skin by adding moisturizing humidity and rid the body of toxins.

European Luxury With Wellness


Bidets have been growing in popularity as homeowners return from a trip overseas or a stay at a luxury hotel where bidet and washlet amenities are commonplace. Both bidets and washlets use a water-cleansing system for cleaning and freshening up. “Customers are looking for products that aid in better hygiene and once they’ve used a bidet, they want to bring that experience to their own home,” says Hettich.

Innovation combined with hygiene are also transforming toilet designs. According to Hettich, the new touchless toilet style, which features germ-free, no touch flushing capability, promotes increased hygiene and the new “skirted” streamlined designs make for easier cleaning.

Hettich points out that many smart toilets with digital controls or Bluetooth connectivity include features that reduce manual cleaning time and promote increased hygiene. She says that for self-cleaning toilets, the term “self-clean” means there is a mechanism or design element built into the toilet to reduce the need for traditional manual cleaning. New cleaning options include special cleaning solutions,hydrophobic or hydrophilic glazes, advanced flushing technology and specially-designed rims.

Enjoy a staycation at home with a sumptuous spa-inspired master bath that includes all the amenities of your favorite luxury hotel and spa.

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By: Janan Talafer

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