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If you’ve been following our wonderful adventures, you know we’ve been living full-time in a really cool Airstream. Until now, we were doing so in a borrowed unit while Airstream built our very own 2021 30-foot camper. She was finally ready! That was our cue to pack everything up, drop off our loaner at our closest Airstream dealer in Memphis, then head to Florida to pick up our new home. 

Packing Up Our Lives — Again

But this time, we were actually really excited about it! Our main goal was to be able to put all of our personal belongings in the back of our truck, so that we wouldn’t need a U-Haul. Thankfully, we have several storage bins that we could organize Tetris-style into the bed and cabin of our truck. As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I will say that I was a little horrified to find out that I have accumulated enough clothes to fill a 20-gallon bin, which is a lot more than what I actually need. 

Making Dinner from Scraps

We don’t like to be wasteful, so we figured out a way to eat most of what was left in our fridge and pantry before we moved out. We had bread crumbs, diced tomatoes, garlic, capers, onions, veggie stock, and vegan meatballs, which came together as a pasta dish. And it actually turned out pretty good! 

Taking Our Sweet Time

Packing everything you own can be boring and exhausting, so we decided to split it into two days. In the process, we realized how many random things we packed the first time and thought we’d use but never did, such as Daniel’s kitchen gadget that makes ice in the shape of skulls. That’s just one example — we actually had an entire bin full of useless knick-knacks. Of course, our prized pink flamingos and members of our road warrior tribe, Lewis and Clark, weren’t two of them! 

Magically Packing Our Entire Lives Onto the Bed of Our Truck

At some point during packing, we were a little bit concerned that we may not have enough space to keep everything in our truck. Seriously, how did we accumulate so much? We somehow managed to get most of it done, and since our road trip back to Florida would take a couple of days, I packed a small carry-on with stuff I’d need on our way there. Not to toot my own horn, but we lived out of suitcases for a while before moving into an RV — so I’m totally a pro at this. (Watch the video, so you can learn how to pack like a total boss!) 

Getting the Airstream Ready for Drop-off

We were pretty strategic in the weight-distribution of our cargo by leaving some of our belongings in the loaner Airstream until the very last minute. We also may have done that in part because we didn’t actually know how to fit the rest of it into the truck. How on Earth did we go from becoming minimalists to this

Were we able to finally do it? Did we have to leave anything behind? Watch for yourself as we got ready to move into our new Airstream — and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Wanderlocal, so you don’t miss a single episode of this adventure!   

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Lauren Davenport is the CEO of The Symphony Agency, a healthcare communications firm providing technology and marketing solutions to help healthcare practices grow fast and efficiently. She’s been featured in Forbes and local magazines, showcasing her experiences as a small business owner. Daniel Fernandez is the Chief Experience Officer at the Symphony Agency and host of The Healthcare CEO podcast.

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