Mrbubblez: The award-winning mobile shower service for the homeless needs your help

Mrbubblez Inc. provides a service at once simple and profound: a hot shower for anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to take care of their hygiene needs from day to day.

It’s something most of us take for granted. But for the homeless community, it can be well nigh impossible.

That’s where Mrbubblez comes in. Powered by compassion and ingenuity, Marcia and Bruce Hall came up with the idea of creating mobile units that would not only provide hot showers but clothing, undergarments, socks, haircuts, masks, a hygiene bag and other resources to better their clients’ lives.  This service is free to anyone that wants a hot shower.

Marcia Hall, who has many years of experience working with the homeless at a large nonprofit, was first inspired to create this service when a young woman came into her office with a simple question:  “Where can I get a shower?” The office didn’t have a shower (Marcia let her wash up in the women’s bathroom), but the experience stayed with her. 

“My heart went out to her,” she told Molly duPont during a dRTB Tampa Talks episode last fall. “How can a woman in this great country not be able to refresh her body on a daily basis?”

The October 2020 Tampa Bay Talks interview.

During  the interview, she and her husband explain how Mrbubblez evolved. They share some of the heart-rending moments they’ve witnessed, like a man who said the shower was the first thing that made him smile in six months and a woman whose shower made her scream for sheer joy.

Mrbubblez has attracted extensive media coverage and multiple awards, including WEDU’s 2020 BeMore Unstoppable award, presented to the nonprofit of the year. Befitting that award, they haven’t let a pandemic get in their way. While they’ve had to temporarily suspend services, they’re expecting the levels of homelessness to increase and are planning for the future.

And here’s where you come in. Mrbubblez desperately needs a dependable van to carry all the supplies that they use at each of their events (clothing, bath towels and washcloths, hygiene bags, cleaning supplies, etc). The van will be a vehicle of hope, embodying the nonprofit’s motto: “I See You & I Care.”

In order to raise money for the purchase of the Van of Hope, Mrbubblez has set up a GoFundMe campaign to “help us keep the water flowing in 2021.”

You can also mail a gift to P.O. Box 130192 Tampa, FL 33681-0192. Be sure to write Van of Hope on the check.