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Why an Oculoplastic Specialist in Tampa Bay?

Oculoplastic Specialist in Tampa Bay
Dr. Jasmine Mohadjer

Eyelid surgery is an intricate procedure that requires the expertise and experience of a properly trained surgeon. Doing your research for the best surgeon to perform your procedure is essential. For surgical and non-surgical conditions involving the eyelids and the face, an oculoplastic surgeon is an optimal choice. An oculoplastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist (medical eye doctor) who has completed additional fellowship training for surgery related to the structure of the eye, the tissue surrounding the eye and facial plastic surgery.

At the top of the list of well-qualified doctors, you will find Dr. Jasmine Mohadjer, Oculoplastic Surgeon at The Eye Institute of West Florida and the Aesthetic Institute of West Florida. Dr. Mohadjer’s motto and practice pattern is, “To uphold the highest standards and safety, I never take shortcuts.” She is dedicated to providing her patients with the best natural outcomes possible. After Dr. Mohadjer completed her ophthalmology residency,

After Dr. Mohadjer completed her ophthalmology residency, she was one of only 20 selected from around the United States to receive an appointment to a two-year post-residency fellowship in Oculofacial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Her expertise provides a superior knowledge of the delicacies of the eyes and face and the importance offering on the side of caution, whether she is performing an eyelid lift or injecting facial fillers to smooth away fine lines.

Dr. Mohadjer is an expert Oculoplastic Specialist in Tampa Bay

As an oculoplastic expert, Dr. Mohadjer performs complex, precise surgical procedures, including the treatment of droopy eyelids for improved vision and appearance, periocular skin cancers, tearing problems and other eyelid abnormalities. She also performs cosmetic facial procedures such as Botox®, fillers and skin lasers, treatments that reduce or eliminate wrinkles and smooth away fine lines.

Oculoplastic surgeons have a deeper understanding of the anatomy and internal processes of the eye. This specialized training enables an oculoplastic surgeon to diagnose and surgically treat medical and cosmetic concerns in the safest way possible, ensuring excellent results.

An Oculoplastic Specialist in Tampa Bay that patients can trust.

“Patients trust me to rejuvenate their most expressive feature, and I take great care to ensure the best possible outcome,” Dr. Mohadjer says.

We all want to see and look our best; it is only natural. Medical and cosmetic eyelid and facial procedures are a sure way to achieve these goals. Follow Dr. Mohadjer’s philosophy and do not take shortcuts when choosing your surgeon.

The Eye Institute of West Florida | 727-581-8706

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