See Europe by Porsche? Find out how from Peter Sontag of Fast Lane Travel

If you have ever dreamt of zipping around Europe in a sports car à la Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney in Two for the Road (with all the romance but none of the marital strife), Fast Lane Travel has your back. And your Porsche. Listen to Tom duPont’s dRTB Live interview with the founder of Fast Lane (an honoree on this year’s A to Z List) and you will likely want to sign up immediately for one of the Oldsmar-based company’s spins through the likes of Tuscany and Austria in your own personal Porsche.  The interview (below) is full of great info, like the reason it’s safe to drive at top speeds on the Autobahn (for one thing, you won’t believe what Germans have to do — and pay — before they’re granted a drivers’ license).