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Tampa Bay’s A-NIKS allows you to enjoy your backyard space all year-round

The summer months in Tampa Bay are beautiful and relaxing, but they can be hard to enjoy with Florida’s humidity, wind, rain, mosquito and bug population, and more. If only there was a complete solution so you could enjoy your outdoor space in comfort all year-round. Thankfully, Al and Deborah Erturk founded A-NIKS in 2004, primarily as a licensed and insured pest-control company. They have expanded the business to specialize in mosquito, no-see-um and spider misting; patio cooling and heating systems; retractable awnings and screens and many other enclosure options, all designed to give their clients complete outdoor-comfort solutions in a one-stop shop.

We caught up with Al to give us a peek inside the business, as well as reveal some of the top trends he sees within the outdoor space for both homeowners and business owners.

How did A-NIKS business start and grow?

The company was founded in 2004. This July, will be our 13-year anniversary. We started as a mosquito and pest control company. While we don’t specialize in pest control quite as much anymore, there are many professional exterminators such as pest control services Carlisle that you may want to check out if you are ever in need of a effective pest control service. During the course of the first five years, we realized that while mosquito, no-see-um and spider control was important and helped enhanced outdoor space, there were other things that hindered homeowner’s ability to use the outdoors.

What are some of those “other things”?

Heat is a big one. As hot and humid as our summers can be, we would talk to people about our mosquito control, but they’d say “It’s just too hot to go outside.” Cooling systems became a huge opportunity for us, and we are now the premiere outdoor cooling company throughout Florida and the country, featuring our own patent-pending, manufactured right here in Tampa Bay, TurboCool systems. And with recent advancements, we have upgraded the way we install and recess into the outdoor ceiling with these systems, when homes are under construction.

Where would we see A-NIKS items?


You’ll find our cooling systems and other products at top restaurants and hotels: TradeWinds Resort, Frenchy’s Group, AVA restaurant, Shephard’s on Clearwater Beach, Daily Eats, Fresh Kitchen and the rest of the Ciccio Restaurant Group and the new Millers Ale House. Since its introduction, we’ve made eight significant advancements in the product. Our latest generation is the “TurboCool 8.0.”

What is one of the  A-NIKS advancements?

I’ll give you four major advancements in the last two years. In 2015 we introduced the world’s first, patent-pending combined heat and cooling solution for the outdoors in one system. We refer to it is “TurboCool with Heat.” In 2016, we introduced our new patent-pending “CF” series, which is a replacement for ceiling fans, only they actually cool the outdoors and come with some great options like heating and lighting. They would be installed where you would normally place a ceiling fan, so layout and design is pretty simple. In order to achieve cooling from this height, we redesigned our patented port to create quicker evaporation, so that literally within 3’ to 4’ of the Turbocool port, you are receiving a cool breeze with no wetness. Our new TurboCool motors provide two significant benefits: They are 30 percent more powerful than the previous motor, so they will allow the air from the units to flow much farther, and they are low-voltage controlled through a potentiometer and allow for a truly soft quiet breeze when you just want to move some air around to give some motion, or the capability to provide high-powered cooling for large outdoor spaces, when the situation calls for it. With all these advancements, the TurboCool system offer so many installation, function and aesthetic options, it truly is amazing, great cooling with beautiful looks for the outdoors.

So many homeowners go with the birdcage around the pool. Does A-NIKS offer an alternative?

No one wants to live in a cage. Our retractable screens can be installed on any patio or even screen enclosure, allowing the backyard to open up when desired and be protected from the mosquitoes when needed. Also, the retractable roofs, retractable awnings and louvered roofs we offer can be used to create shaded, dry places in and around your screen enclosure. It allows you to extend your outdoor square footage. Homes that have little to no lanai really benefit from this because you add an incredible amount of outdoor space so you can enjoy the Florida lifestyle. I did it to my own home actually. I didn’t have a lanai, so I added a retractable roof, with retractable screens on the back of my home. It is cool, shaded and protected from the elements and bugs.

How does a homeowner get started?

Everyone starts at a different point.  In most cases, it is best to plan many of these features right into the home when in the planning and construction stage. However, most of our customers’ homes are existing, so we have products that provide for a beautiful retrofit installation as well. Then, there are different priorities or elemental challenges in one’s outdoor living space, so we have different products for different needs and priorities. We also have a good, better, best in all our products. This way we can try to meet the various needs of cost, performance and features that allow each one of our customers to custom tailor the solution to meet their needs.

What do you love most about your company A-NIKS?

It is important to have a company that backs up what you chose to buy. We are a family-owned business, and we stand by our products. We install everything with our own employees to ensure the utmost quality and excellent customer service. We create this opportunity to enjoy the backyard and address all the elements that inhibit our outdoor lifestyle. We help you control them to maximize your outdoor space. It’s a unique business model. A-NIKS give the complete outdoor solution.

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