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Living a life filled with chronic joint pain is frustrating and debilitating, both mentally and physically. This diminished capacity to enjoy an active lifestyle leaves patients with alife-altering decision to undergo extensive replacement surgery. But now patients have access to therapeutic alternatives that can improve their quality of life.

Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics in Tampa is one of the leading medical centers in the country revolutionizing how doctors and patients treat chronic knee and joint pain. By offering a minimally invasive alternative to joint replacement, the team of multi-specialty doctors bring a global approach to advanced patient care that provides a practical alternative to traditional open joint surgery, without enduring a painful recovery.

After years of research studying the benefits of a combined approach to patient wellness, Advanced Regenerative Orthopedicsh as devised a process that uses minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, stem cell regenerative medicine and denervation.

“We have created a hybrid fusion of multiple technologies that provide the maximum benefit for patients to improve their mobility while maintaining the body’s natural joints,” says Dr. Robert Dean, internal medicine specialist and founder of Advanced RegenerativeOrthopedics. “No other specialist in the country can offer all three options at one time.”

The team combines well-known technologies into one comprehensive surgery, instead of three or four different procedures that are often required by insurance. This approach to restorative healing allows patients to return to a healthier lifestyle quickly.

Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery is a safe alternative to open surgery, with less pain and scarring. By inserting a small flexible tube with a camera and light, surgeons can review the extent of the damage and make any repairs with two small incisions. Stem cell regenerative medicine uses natural cells to promote a faster recovery process by creating an environment to support the body’s natural ability to produce natural cells to preserve tissues. Denervation allows doctors to use radio frequency or laser techniques to deaden nerves that transmit pain. ARO has also found success using this surgery on other joints, including hips and shoulders.

Potential patients undergo a whole body wellness review and exam with Dr. Dean and are then referred directly to his surgical partner, Dr. Steven Mirabello. Mirabello, who was the first orthopedic surgeon on the west coast of Florida to perform a cartilage transplant, is also the leading shoulder surgeon in the state. His skills and experience are highly sought by the world’s leading surgeons.

Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics also offers patients undergoing surgery a three-day concierge service to support their needs before, during and after surgery. A specialist is assigned to each patient, providing a managed travel schedule that coordinates transportation to/from the airport or hotel to the surgery center for appointments. Day 1 allows patients to meet with their surgeons and physicians to review the treatment plan and ask any remaining questions. Day 2 is dedicated to surgery and post-op, while Day 3allows patients to meet with their doctors to check incisions and review post-op requirements.

ARO has successfully treated patients from around the world and given them a second chance to preserve their natural joints and avoid painful surgery in their lifetime. Call for a no-cost consultation and MRI review today!

Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics

2202 N. Westshore Blvd, Suite 140  Tampa, FL 33607



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