Photo courtesy Posies Flower Truck.

A to Z List 2019: F is for Flowers

A to Z: The Ultimate Luxury Lifestyles List is duPont Registry Tampa Bay‘s annual compendium of the best our region has to offer. Each year we choose a different set of categories and then select businesses that are top-of-the-line in each category. This year: Art to Zinfandel (and everything luxurious in between).

Popping up everywhere from Palm Harbor to Hyde Park Village (and at the occasional wedding, where the flower-filled truck makes for Insta-ready photo ops), Posies Flower Truck is a fresh and welcome addition to the landscape. The Potting Shed has been making floral dreams come true in Tampa Bay for more than four decades; quality is key, and a keen eye for beauty, from knockout orchids to tiny terraria. At The JillTed Florist in Clearwater, the arrangements (and the flower-arranging classes) are as bright and light-hearted as the name suggests (yes, there is a Jill and a Ted, though it would be pretty great to send breakup flowers from a place called JillTed, wouldn’t it?). In Largo and environs, customers from near and far depend on the keen eye and one-extra-step service at Carlson Wildwood. And we can’t leave this category without mentioning Botanica and Ian Prosser: after all, he doesn’t just do weddings, he does presidential inaugurations!

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