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Tailored Twig | 3212 N 40th Street, Suite 102 | Tampa | 813-304-2080 |

Want a decorative conversation piece? The Tailored Twig’s jaw-drop-ping one-of-a kind arrangements mix uniquely sourced blooms with cloth, metal and wood to create exquisite natural sculptures.

Anything goes. You might see a fuzzy iconic Kangaroo Paw stem in a pristine white vase or a bedazzled bride woven in twigs and flowers, even a flower terrarium. Tailored Twig provides installations for restaurants, hotels, businesses, weddings, meetings and parties and even jazzed up the tables at an annual wedding planners’ luncheon.

From customized dinner parties to hand-constructed welcome packages for houseguests sets The Tailored Twig apart. Clients include weddings on an exclusive estate in Maroma Beach, Mexico, to an elegant union in the French Alps.

Moving to the Tampa Bay area six and a half years ago after a decade as a sales/event marketing director, Tailored Twig owner Darin Bahl first opened an event design business. In 2011, he morphed that enterprise into The Tailored Twig. Now, he and his internationally-in-spired team whip up elegant, whimsical centerpieces and bouquets for any occasion, any theme.

A Midwest transplant, Bahl worked in the hospitality industry and traveled the globe where he honed his art of “honoring the guest. “We are customer-centric, infusing the client’s personality and preferences into our arrangements. We go way beyond their favorite colors,” says Bahl. “We start with a personalized consultation. For us, it’s all about the relationship and art that emerges from all of our ideas.”

Travel inspires his organic design. “ Our arrangements are not the traditional ball or five-colored roses symmetrically placed,” says Bahl. “Think about wondering through the forest and stumbling into an amazing, magical natural space.”

Dahl sources unique blooms globally even on his annual Hawaii vacation. He and his staff even like to forage in local woodlands. “This past holiday, we used a lot of pink pepper berries which ripen to red, a kind of Florida mistletoe,” says Bahl.

Says Bahl: “We choose the people we want to invite into our lives, and should they accept our invitation, I believe it is my responsibility to cherish them. To show them our love and gratitude, we honor them with special details and subtle nuances which reveal our mindfulness and appreciation for their presence.”

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