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Outdoor comfort at its best.

Life, uninterrupted by rain or skeeters, makes backyard entertaining both enjoyable and relaxing. For outdoor comfort at its best, check out what’s trending, from cooling your patio to blocking rain.

Outdoor comfort provider A-NIKS


Specializes in fully automated mosquito misting, patio cooling/heating, retractable awnings and screens. With their patio accessories, you can create a sanctuary with these essential elements:

Misting Fans: Explore state of the art evaporative outdoor cooling technology that keeps the party hot while cooling you down. The Zone Pump Misting System forces water through a specialized Uni-Nozzle System for maximum efficiency and cooling.

Firetainment: Gather your friends around an elegant table top with a firepit set in the middle, or dozens of other options.

Kourtina Adjustable Wind/Rain Blocking System: Easy to adjust for residences, balconies and outdoor open spaces, you can decide the height and create an intimate atmosphere. The electric model is equipped with laminated safety glass so you can opt for an open terrace.

What’s new on the outdoor tech horizon?

This year’s tech and home extravaganzas yielded some intriguing outdoor helpers including:

Satellite Controlled Sprinkler Systems: The Weather TRAK Water Resource Management System lets you conserve water while efficiently watering your lawn by using satellites to stay in touch with local weather conditions and only turn the sprinklers on as needed.

Lawn Mowing Robots: They vacuum, and now, they mow thanks to Robomow, Husqvarna, and Worx.

Wash Those Windows: A vacuum and squeegee combined, this popular European tool is catching on here, like the Karcher WV50 window vac.

Coffee Tawk Made Easy: Hang out by the pool with a cuppa joe made right there with a portable espresso maker. The Essenza Mini is small and its new third-party pods are recyclable and biodegradable.

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