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Explore influential images of Dali’s homeland


From June 16 through November 25 visitors to The Dali Museum will be able to immerse themselves in stunning images of Dali’s homeland on a grand scale. “Clyde Butcher: Visions of Dali’s Spain” will provide a rare view of Dali’s surroundings as seen by Florida‘s greatest nature photographer, known as the Ansel Adams of Florida Landscape.

Butcher’s works have become an influential part of Florida’s cultural landscape showcasing the true beauty of Floridian swamps and marsh environments. His photographs of Dali’s homeland are technically brilliant, and their large format creates a euphoric viewing experience.

For Salvador Dali, the landscape of his homeland was an essential influence on his work and outlook on life. The Dali Museum sought Butcher’s talents to capture the spirit of Dali’s Mediterranean home surrounded by one of the world’s most dramatic landscapes.

Dali’s Portlligat House Exterior


With a discerning and selective eye, Butcher traveled to the village of Cadaqués, where Dali spent summers while growing up. Then he visited Dali’s house in Portlligat situated in the rugged region of Cap de Creus. These influential places appear in Dali’s art and they deliver a peek into the artist’s unique psyche.

This thoughtfully curated collection features 41 photographs that take viewers on a journey through the Catalonian region. Images scan a range of sizes from an intimate two feet to a panoramic eight feet in width. The exhibit is Butcher’s first photographic exhibition of Spain, as well as the first time he has been commissioned to photograph an area that influences another artist.

Dali’s Mediterranean World “Cadaques”

“We are dedicated to sharing the art life in a world of Dali with our community”, said Peter Tush, Dali Museum Curator of Education. This allows us to do just that in an immersive, yet intimate way. Butcher captures the sublime beauty of Dali’s Mediterranean world in exquisite detail and provides a portal between the two worlds of two exciting, intriguing and influential artists: Dali and Butcher.

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