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The Best Thing You Can Do Today: Wish Tampa Theatre a happy birthday (and see a “good” Nic Cage movie)

Tampa Bay’s favorite movie palace is 92 years young today and looking better than ever, thanks to multi-million-dollar restorations in 2017 that have re-established the visual glories of the 1926 design by John Eberson, whom Tampa Theatre President and CEO John Bell calls the “mad genius” of theater design.

Nicolas Cage in “Mandy.” Photo: XYZ Films

Speaking of mad geniuses, tonight’s movie is Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage — and unlike some of his other recent work, this one’s actually getting good reviews. That is, if your idea of “good” can coincide with a plot featuring cannibal bikers, murderous hippies, decapitation and at least two burnings alive. But critics love it (“Mr. Cage uses his outsize performing chops to excellent effect,” says the New York Times). And hey, it’ll get you in the mood for “Nightmare on Franklin Street,” Tampa Theatre’s 13-night horrorfest which launches this weekend with The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday and an all-day Nightmare on Elm Street marathon on Saturday.

Mandy: Mon., Oct. 15, 7:30 p.m., Tampa Theatre, 711 Franklin St., Tampa, 813-274-8981. For details on “A Nightmare on Franklin Street,” go to

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