Jonelle Meyer as Mort LaCort.

dR Daily 10/27/20: Need a laugh? Meet Mort LaCort

So much of the news this year has been bad, it’s time for a corrective: bad news that’s intentionally bad, and as a result hilariously funny. I’m talking about the inimitable Mort LaCort, the creation of actor and expert farceur Jonelle Meyer.

Mort, a rumpled hack of a TV reporter, made his debut delivering the commercial breaks for Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project at American Stage and went on to gigs like Creative Loafing‘s Best of the Bay. Now he’s got a show of his own, but he’s been furloughed to his mother’s porch.

That’s the premise of the half-hour video Too Far with Mort LaCort, part of Jobsite Theater’s “Digital Shorts” series, and at $1.99 for a 30-day rental or $4.99 to buy, it’ll be the best money you spend this pandemic since raiding the paper product aisles at Costco. And speaking of paper, Mort/Jonelle’s version of the anchorman-endless-paper-shuffle is a comedy bit that makes this video a must-see all by itself.