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The Best Thing You Can Do Today: Tell the truth

Admittedly, telling the truth is a good policy to follow no matter what day it is  (I could make a political wisecrack here, but I will, um, resist). But tonight you can do it and win a prize — and have a bucketful of fun in the process. The themed monthly storytelling show “True Stories” returns tonight to SubCentral, the atmospheric speakeasy space below St. Pete’s Iberian Rooster restaurant on Central Ave. (Sub Central, get it?)

Here’s how it works, per Facebook: 

“Starting around 6:30 p.m., come on down to get your food and drink order in, get your seat, and get your name into the Fuckit Bucket (because, tell a story, why not? the stakes are refreshingly LOW, and the rewards are OFF THE CHARTS). If your name gets pulled, you’ll have five minutes to tell us all your story. Best advice is to know your first and last sentence, otherwise it’ll be hard to nail that ending before the ukulele starts to play at the five-minute mark. At the end of the night, the story with the most votes will be declared the ‘winner.’ We encourage upping your odds by bringing your friends. $5 cover.”

It’s fun. Series founder Lisa L. Kirchner (an excellent storyteller herself) emcees the proceedings with panache, and the stories can range from quirky to funny to deeply moving or all of the above. There’s always a special guest storyteller, and tonight’s is the wonderful Cindy Stovall, founder of the beloved Beauty and the Burg podcast, arts columnist for St Pete Life and raconteuse of the first order. Tonight’s theme — there’s always a theme — is HOME — which seems broad enough to encompass all kinds of stories, and loaded enough to pack an emotional wallop.

True Stories, 7-9, SubCentral at Iberian Rooster, 475  Central Ave., St. Petersburg.


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