Metropolitan Ministries' Holiday Tent in Tampa.

dR Daily 11/21: Lend a helping hand at Holiday Central

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The Best Thing You Can Do Today: Help Metropolitan Ministries help the needy 

Your plans for today may involve last-minute meal prep, sleeping in for tomorrow’s Turkey Trot or hopping onto the party bus for a Thanksgiving Eve Bar Crawl.

But you could also make your Thanksgiving weekend that much more satisfying by helping out today at Metropolitan Ministries’ Holiday Tent in Tampa or the Pasco Holiday Center. Volunteer opportunities include helping with parking, assisting in the donation lane, food or toy sorting, food or toy shopping with clients, hospitality, environmental client check-in, stocking stuffers or other areas as needed. You can also donate Thanksgiving foods today until 1 p.m.

Check the Facebook page @MetropolitanMinistriesInc or Instagram @metro_min to find out the most pressing food needs. (Following the Thanksgiving holiday, donation opportunities begin again in early December.) Or if you’d like to donate dollars, check out the organization’s #HopeCountdown initiative.

Guaranteed, the turkey will taste better tomorrow if you help someone today.


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