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The night before Thanksgiving is, anecdotally speaking, the busiest bar night of the year. Why is that? According to Drink Philly (a city that knows how to drink), the reasons include the fact that most Americans have the next day off; no wants to entertain the night before the big meal; and “Thanksgiving dinner is a perfect hangover cure.” (Never thought of that, but hey, they have a point.)  Another of their suggestions is sweet — “Everyone is home for the holiday and wants to see old friends” — but you could just as well say “Everyone is home for the holiday and can’t wait to get outta there.” Whatever your rationales for pre-TG partying, you have plenty of options tonight, including:

Ybor City Thanksgiving Eve Bar Crawl: Check in at First Chance Last Chance (1707 N. 16th St., Tampa) between 8 and 10 p.m. and proceed to The Bad Monkey, Red Star Rock Bar, and Coyote Ugly from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Free welcome shots, free shotgun beers, free games, free cover — just make sure you’ve got a designated driver so you don’t have to crawl home.

Drinksgiving at MacDinton’s (242 First Ave. N, St. Petersburg): You might argue that every night at MacDinton’s is Drinksgiving, but tonight there are drink specials all night long.

Drinksgiving at Intermezzo (1111 Central Ave., St. Petersburg): A more cocktail-loungey option for your drinking pleasure, in the heart of the EDGE District. (The photo above is from the bar’s Facebook events page; the mood at Intermezzo is usually more subdued than that, but it is Thanksgiving Eve, so ya never know…)

Ferg’s 27th Anniversary Party: Not a T-G Eve event per se, but what better place (or reason) to carouse than at this anniversary celebration for the mainstay St. Pete sports bar, a guaranteed good time even if you’re not there to root for the home team (1320 Central Ave., St. Petersburg).

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