dR Daily 2/26/20: Che Malambo at the Straz

If when you hear “gaucho” you think of a cookie (and if you do, you’re as old as I am), think again. The gaucho is a South American cowboy, and if the all-male troupe Che Malambo is any indication, these cowboys were skilled.

The troupe performs in what’s billed as the “gaucho tradition,” which includes dance duels; furious footwork that imitates horses’ hooves; drumming on bombos; and throwing weapons called boleadoras — long cords with stones tied to the ends. (Remember to duck, if only to avoid the flying testosterone.)

Word is, we’re headed for a cold snap this weekend (60s! even 50s! How will we survive?), so why not heat up with some high-energy dance? 7:30 p.m., Ferguson Hall at the Straz Center, strazcenter.org.

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