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Now that you’ve recovered from the Super Bowl (and assorted breathless controversies about Shakira’s weight and the location of Kansas City), it’s time to brace yourself for a week that will unquestionably go down in U.S. history. Consider this calendar:

Today: The Iowa caucuses will determine (for the moment) the front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Tuesday: President Trump’s State of the Union address, where the big question is whether he will mention what’s going to happen on…

Wednesday: The Senate casts its votes for or against Trump’s removal from office.

Friday: The first Democratic presidential debate after Iowa and before New Hampshire (whose primary takes place Tues. Feb. 11).

Sunday: The Oscars! (OK, not exactly political, but just a reminder that if you care about this sort of thing you only have seven days to watch all nine Best Picture nominees.)

With all that in store, you might want to ease into your week with the warm sounds of a veteran singer/songwriter, which means you’re in luck: Tonight (Mon. Feb. 3), David Wilcox is playing the Jaeb Theater at the Straz! Wilcox, one of the most unassumingly alluring talents in American music, writes eloquent, empathetic songs and is touring in support of The View from the Edge, his first album in four years,  7:30 p.m.,

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