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Tampa Theatre’s inaugural speaker series, Limelight, kicks off tonight at 7:30 with legendary football coach Lou Holtz. Next up in the intriguingly eclectic lineup is theoretical physicist Michio Kaku (Apr. 4), followed by NBC correspondent and presidential daughter Jenna Bush Hager (Apr. 23); Florida’s favorite columnist/novelist/pot-stirrer Carl Hiaasen (May 14); and renowned photographer Platon (June 6). Fun fact from the Tampa Theatre crew: The word “limelight” derives from the invention in the early 1800s of theatrical lighting technology using quicklime, which bathed any scene in an intense white glow when burned at a temperature of more than 4500°F and focused through a thick glass lens. For the first time, plays could simulate sunlight, and individual performers could be highlighted. The technology’s name soon took on a life of its own, forever associated with the bright glow of fame. Look for Limelight’s famous speakers to shed new light on their areas of expertise.

Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin St., Tampa. Individual tickets available for $90; series subscriptions $275-$375. Carl Hiaasen photo by Tom Chapman.

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