dR Daily 3/18/20: Communities coming together to get through COVID-19

With COVID-19, as with any national disaster, the need for up-to-date information is crucial — not only information about the disease itself, but about the people affected by it. The Tampa Bay Times and WUSF are doing exemplary work in this regard, but it’s also heartening to see local businesspeople and bloggers come together to provide answers online about what’s open, what’s closed, what’s restricted and what’s needed.

EDGE District

We’ve written before about St. Pete Rising‘s topnotch coverage of Downtown St. Pete development, led by Anthony Close and Brian Zucker. Now Zucker, a resident of the EDGE District, is performing another kind of service with his comprehensive list of what’s happening to businesses in the EDGE during COVID-19.

I Love the Burg

Over at the award-winning I Love the Burg site, Andrew Harlan has put together a useful, comprehensive guide called “How to support small businesses in St. Petersburg during the COVID-19 pandemic.” It’s full of good tips, such as this tasty example: top Italian restaurant Il Ritorno is closed for dine-in, but it’s offering a $65 takeout meal for two featuring favorite dishes like its delectable short ribs mezzaluna.

Restaurant Gift Certificates

We sent out an email blast to this effect yesterday (see our graphic above), but it’s worth repeating: A great way to help restaurants during this period is to purchase gift certificates, providing a quick boost to businesses bracing for a financial hit. I Love the Burg’s list includes links to online gift certificate offers at a number of St. Pete restaurants, and we’re sure there are many more that would appreciate your business. (And just think: If you collect enough of them, you’ll have your holiday shopping done in advance — or you can plan for a celebratory meal or two once the crisis has subsided.)