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So far, Dorian has done no damage to Tampa Bay, but storm forecasts did upset some plans. Local schools decided to remain closed today, and the Rays cancelled their scheduled Wednesday game against the Orioles, moving it to this afternoon at 3. The upshot? A single-admission doubleheader on a day when you’re looking for something to do with the kids! You can buy a ticket to the 3:10 game and hang around afterwards at the Trop — eat dinner, have a drink, pet the stingrays, whatever your pleasure — and then see the second game for free. (Just don’t leave the stadium in between games.) Or you can do just the matinee or the evening game. The best part? These games matter. The Rays are in a tight wild-card race, they just swept one of their chief rivals in the race, the Cleveland Indians, and beat Baltimore yesterday in a 10th-inning walk-off. In a word, our home team is hot. So take advantage of this twofer Tuesday and drown out the Bawlmer boo-birds.

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