A still from "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool."

dR Daily 9/30/19: Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool at Tampa Theatre

On the last night of a steamy September, what better way to escape the heat than by immersing yourself in the Cool — the Birth of the Cool, as embodied by the coolest cat of them all, the transcendent trumpeter Miles Davis. Directed by MacArthur “genius” documentarian Stanley Nelson for PBS’s American Masters series and now in theatrical release, Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool has been praised for its comprehensiveness — encompassing both Davis’s profound influence on jazz and his dark days of drug addiction and abusive behavior toward women — but also criticized for taking an approach that could have benefited from some of the innovative energies of its subject. Still, even a straight-ahead traditional doc stands to reveal so much about this legendary figure’s fascinating life that it should be of interest to fans and newbies alike. Tonight thru Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin St., Tampa, tampatheatre.org.