"The August Virgin."

dR Daily: Watch a Tampa Theatre movie — from home!

Last weekend the AMC and Regal chains re-opened some of their theaters, but judging from responses I saw on Facebook, folks were none too eager to rush in. But if you’re still hankering for a good movie — a good independent or foreign-made flick, the type that sometimes gets classified as “art-house” — you need to dip into the amazing lineup at Tampa Theatre Virtual Cinema.

Thanks to revenue-sharing agreements with distributors, Tampa Bay’s venerable movie palace — or art house, if you will — is streaming an exciting, eclectic array of new films and curated classics, all priced way below what you’d pay at the multiplexes and released via streaming platforms exclusively for art-house audiences.

What’s your pleasure? A feminist romcom set in Lapland (Aurora)? A docudrama about the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States Infantry Regiment (The 24th)? A dark comedy starring Oscar-nominated actress Sally Hawkins (Eternal Beauty)? Music documentaries about Gordon Lightfoot or Bob Marley, or the 1959 classic Jazz on a Summer’s Day filmed during the Newport Jazz Festival with performers like Louis Armstrong and Thelonious Monk?

Or, speaking of summer, why not escape Florida’s sultry temps and pandemic fears and head to Madrid for “a dreamy, sensual summer story of delayed coming of age, dancing in the streets, and good conversation” (The August Virgin)?

You can find this intelligent, human-centric and superhero-free film-making (25 films to choose from at last count) just by going to Tampa Theatre’s Virtual Cinema page — and you can enjoy them all in your own air-conditioned lair.