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The company name — Brackish — may be a bit off-putting, but the fancy-neckwear fans on your gift list will definitely want to put these ties on. Invented in 2007 by a guy named Ben Ross who wanted to give unique gifts to his groomsmen and landed on the idea of bow ties made of turkey feathers, they’re now the centerpiece of a fashion enterprise based in Charleston, SC, that sells bow ties ($195) and other accessories all over the country, including Neiman Marcus and Petal & Vine in Belleair Bluffs. Pictured: The Mill Pond, made with two types of peacock fringe, as well as small and big dot guinea feathers and pheasant feathers; and the Edisto, made with guinea and pheasant feathers and named after Edisto Island in SC, where Ross spent a lot of time growing up. About that name: Speaking to Forbes in 2016, Brackish co-founder Jeff Plotner explained, “I’m originally from St. Simons Island, GA, and Ben is from Columbia, SC, which is inland. He’s been around fresh water all his life and I’ve been around salt water. When you mix the two, you get Brackish.” So now you know.

From now throughout the holiday shopping season, dR Gift Guide will be offering online suggestions for the perfect gift, from Stomp Rockets to diamond rings, from hand-blown glass ornaments to a million-dollar yacht (good luck fitting that one under the tree). Stay tuned to to see what’s next on our list.

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