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Photo courtesy of PureLife Medi-Spa Patient receiving laser treatment at PureLife Medi-Spa.

We all know technology changes rapidly but did you realize what an impact this is having on our own beauty techniques? Not so long ago, reclaiming beautiful smooth skin required intensive treatments that left us stuck in the house for days.

Today, says Dr. Deepak K. Naidu, a Board Certified plastic surgeon based in Tampa, the aesthetics industry is brimming with techniques and therapies that offer faster recoveries and produce quicker results.

At SkinNV in Tampa patients are rejuvenating their necklines without surgery through a combination of highly advanced radio frequency microneedling and the Nefertiti lift. The Intensif RF Microneedle Handpiece by EndyMed Medical Ltd. rejuvenates the production of collagen and elastin by triggering the skin’s natural healing process. Its’ 25 sterile gold plated needles ensure a safe emission of heat with minimal discomfort while clients see improvement in their skin up to one year after the last treatment.

The Nefertiti Lift uses Botox® Cosmetic or Dysport®, both neural toxins, in the jaw line to tighten skin along the neck. Although it sounds counterintuitive considering neurotoxins relax muscles, the technique forces the facial muscles that pull upward to engage and lift the skin.

SkinNV also is the training center for a new cryo technology called Cool Lifting, which uses cold instead of heat to build collagen. The patented hand held system delivers a combination of CO2 with a proprietary hyaluronic acid serum across the surface of the face. The five-minute procedure increases skin hydration, improves the appearance of fine lines and can be used with Botox to lift and smooth the skin.

Lasers have changed significantly too. At PureLife Medi-Spa in St. Petersburg, the M22 ResurFX is a minimally invasive erbium fractional laser that targets areas without damaging nearby healthy tissue – it works by heating up the skin without actually destroying it and is safe for darker skin tones. The body’s collagen then gets to work filling in unwanted skin imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles,

or even acne scars.

The controlled manner of delivery provides protection from over heating and does not damage the surface layer of skin, allowing for a shorter recovery time and more comfortable experience.

Because the laser penetrates the epidermis and dermis levels deeply through the half a million laser spots, its effect promotes the growth of collagen and elastin resulting in tighter, firmer skin, says Donna Gonzalez, an advanced registered nurse practitioner with PureLife.

“The results begin to happen immediately,” and within seven days patients experience tighter skin, explains Gonzalez.

Dr. Naidu says patients’ choices are evolving quickly: “Today, the latest procedures for restoring our body’s youthful appearance revolve around stimulating tissues to drive regenerative healing. In the future, our own tissues – or the signaling processes involved – will help create more lasting changes.”

For example, the traditional surgical face-lift may one day be replaced by stem cell treatments that regenerate tired tissue. The idea of stem cells – those embryonic keys to our longevity – is gaining

momentum in the plastic surgery world and may eventually offer remarkable

results with minimal downtime.

However, science has to answer critical questions, such as what happens when stem cell regeneration is concentrated in specific areas, such as breast tissue Dr. Naidu explains. Additionally, research is currently underway to artificially manufacture the signaling proteins used by stem cells to communicate, which could potentially eliminate the need to harvest stem cells.

Right now, he says, we are on the edge of a stem cell revolution and still in the rich terrain of neurotoxins, fillers, injections, and, of course, machine-based skin rejuvenation for nonsurgical methods to turn back the clock.

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