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Hard core athletes to casual fitness buffs know firsthand muscle inflammation and injuries don’t discriminate. Those nagging to debilitating afflictions cause varying degrees of discomfort regardless of conditioning or age.

Suffering, surgery or treating muscle-related pain are common approaches to these all-too-common problems.

A more effective, less invasive and more sustainable solution offers new hope and a new way to return mobility to damaged muscles or avoid muscle injury altogether.

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™), a research-based method of assessing, and addressing, muscle strength developed by fitness expert Greg Roskopf analyzes range of motion to reveal inefficiencies in muscle contractions due to weakness or damage. Lack of mobility limits physical performance so it is vital to maintain, or restore, full functionality and re-build muscle strength to better protect joints.

Photo courtesy of Fitness-Tek

Isometric exercises or forced application techniques administered by a trained, certified MAT™ specialist re-activate damaged muscles and increase contractile capabilities to achieve better muscular balance rather than diminish pain.

“We are dialing down the tissue time clock,” said Kevin Votta, a Tampa-based fitness professional and the area’s first Master Level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist. He administers MAT™ at his Clearwater, Tampa and Odessa Fitness-Tek studios. “There is a correlation between a person’s range of motion and muscle weaknesses. I identify those limits and the specific muscles that are affected. And then we zero in on the culprit.”

Votta works one-on-one with clients plagued with sports-related injuries to those suffering from age-related arthritis or chronic back pain. MAT™ improves flexibility, strength and speed by reactivating muscles and reinvigorating their ability to contract on demand.

Faith McKay of Clearwater maintains a rigorous five-days-a-week workout regimen despite persistent hip pain. For two years she sought treatments ranging from massage and physical therapy to acupuncture and yoga. Nothing worked until she turned to MAT™.

Think about a sore knee that tends to not bend or buckles from any weight-bearing activity. Limping creates further imbalances that can impede the healing process. The forced application exercises Votta guides clients through train muscles to re-establish maximum efficiency.

“Most of my clients have tried it all and do not want to undergo surgery,” said Votta. “Everyone has gotten off the table stronger – even after their first MAT™ session.”

“Aging does not have to hurt. No joint pain, no back pain, no limits.” To help meet his client’s growing demand, Votta will host Tampa’s first year-long MAT™ Specialist Internship this fall. For more information go to courtesy of Fitness-Tek

Photo courtesy of Fitness-Tek

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