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Quasimodo probably said it best — “Sanctuary!”

That’s how we like to think of home – as an escape to safety and comfort. But these days, we find ourselves spending uncomfortably prolonged periods of time there, with no clear idea of how long it will go on or what uninvited microscopic guests might be lurking. 

We need to find new ways to feel healthier and safer at home. At the same time, we need to find innovative ways to bring in services previously sought outside the home. Can it be done? 

The answer, gratefully, is YES! Here are some ideas from entrepreneurs whose ingenuity meets the moment.

Cleaner at home

Kevin Kenyon of Torch Cleaning Services uses a low-volume, high-pressure spray to deep-clean a home.

Home cleaning services are certainly nothing new, but today’s standard requires a level of clean that also brings peace of mind. 

Torch Cleaning Solutions is typically known for working with commercial clients such as medical clinics, veterinary offices and restaurants – businesses that require a high standard of clean. But they also bring that same scrupulous approach to residential services.

“We created an approach to battling the coronavirus that I believe sets us apart,” say owner Kevin Kenyon. The service is called “Vital Oxide,” a spray solution of chlorine dioxide.

“Though the solution itself is not new in the anti-viral arsenal,” Kenyon states, “the delivery system Torch utilizes is unique.” Spraying the solution at low volume with high pressure creates a far-reaching, better-penetrating fog that effectively gets into every nook and cranny in a home.

“It’s non-toxic, safe on all surfaces (even dishes) and safe for kids and pets. What’s more, everything feels clean with no sticky buildup as occurs with other solutions.”  The treatment is good for two to four weeks at a cost of approximately 6 to 8 cents per square foot.

“I’m proud to report a 0 percent infection rate in all of the commercial and medical buildings we service,” says Kenyon. “It feels good to be doing my part to help.”

Health Care at Home

Cordle with a patient.

If you have a sudden medical need that does not rise to the level of a 911 call, the usual options include waiting for an available appointment with your doctor, going to an urgent care clinic, or heading to the ER – a daunting and cost-prohibitive choice in the current climate.

It’s time for a new option.

Now you can take advantage of a medical service conceived of and launched by clever nurse practitioner Peggy Cordle. With her years of experience in emergency medicine, Cordle devised Urgent Care Housecalls, a concept that combines the best elements of home care, urgent care and emergency care – all rolled up in a home visit.

“I came up with the premise and launched in October of 2019,” says Cordle. “Obviously I had not even conceived of the current crisis, but the model of an urgent care house call turned out to be prophetic. The response has been incredible.”

Standard in-home services include the exam itself, point-of-care testing for many common labs, mobile diagnostics, IV therapy and telemedicine.

In addition to urgent care visits, Cordle provides some ongoing multiple-visit services. “I want to help patients avoid hospitalization and unnecessary exposure where possible.” To be clear, these services are offered to patients that are negative for coronavirus but have other medical needs.

Cordle’s core philosophy? “Patients deserve to feel that they are safely receiving the care they really want and need. They deserve to feel cared for.”

Hydration at home

Fluidz customers enjoy a session of infusion therapy.

Fluidz IV is a relatively new concept in home intravenous therapy. “It’s a sort of concierge-based solution for those who want effective, restorative fluid and supplement therapies,” says owner Preston Hearn.

In a nutshell, registered nurses experienced in IV therapy insert venous catheters to give you that next level of immune-boosting, hydrating therapy.

“These fortified fluids can be administered at home, in your hotel room, at spas – even in your chiropractor’s office,” says Hearn. “In contrast to taking vitamins or fluids orally, non-prescription infusion therapy provides up to 90 percent absorption, and customers are certainly seeking ways to enhance their immune systems.”

The most popular infusions utilize enhanced dose vitamin C, B vitamins, glucathione and other additives that boost immunity, improve energy and restore fluid balance – even treat hangovers.

Fluidz also offers mobile flu shots and recently began providing Covid tests. They also offer touchless temperature monitoring.

“When a Covid vaccine becomes available, we will be providing that mobile service as well.”

As a former nurse, I can tell you that this is one cool idea with many applications.

Fitness at home

Working out with a Mirror trainer.

Many gyms remain closed during the pandemic. Even if open, you may have well-founded concerns about going. In that case, why not hire your very own personal trainer? Many trainers in our area make home visits, even now.

But how do you find them?

As luck would have it, there’s a Yelp-like website,, where you can browse a well-vetted list.

Thumbtack lists the top 10 personal trainers (as well as a myriad of other services) in your area. The listings can be filtered for home training, specialized services, ratings, reviews and pricing to help you pick just the right fit for your needs and goals.

Some trainers provide senior services, nutrition planning or even remote services. Most, if not all, take CDC-recommended Covid precautions such as mask-wearing, distancing and diligent equipment cleaning. The average cost is about $50 per session.

If you’re more of a DIY fitness fanatic, or if having even one non-family member in your home feels risky, consider a new piece of home workout equipment called The Mirror.

I’m obsessed with it.

This magical mirror is a cardio class, a yoga studio, a boxing ring, a personal trainer and so much more. An app-based fitness library will provide every conceivable workout you can think of. It’s just damned cool.

Of course, when even a healthier home closes in, a nice long walk is still an option. Stay safe out there. 

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