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High-Intensity Interval Training Tampa

High-Intensity Interval Training group exercise is drastically different today.

It is more creative, more science-driven and more effective at creating lean bodies.

In particular, the concept of High-Intensity Interval Training has revolutionized fitness as local gyms grab the technique and mold it into their own idea of what it means to train powerfully.

Traditional High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are short, intense sessions followed by limited rest. They are famous for high-calorie burn and fat trimming capabilities. Working out exceptionally hard for short bursts of time forces the body to actively recover quicker – the heart and muscles adapt much faster when repeatedly pushed from an extreme active state to recovery and back again.

That, in turn, allows individuals to see vast improvements in their physical health without the time commitment of an endurance athlete or a dedicated gym rat.

Local High-Intensity Interval Training Sessions Around Tampa Bay

High-Intensity Interval Training

At Combat Performance & Fitness in St. Petersburg, owner Pete Davidsmeier’s motto is “Fight, Live Fit, Be Human.” His gym features old school boxing rings, heavyweight punching bags and iron weights mixed with contemporary NFL Combine-style equipment.

His core business is training MMA fighters, boxers, and martial arts competitors. However, he’s adapted the traditional three to five-minute match methodology for his Hybrid Cardio and Kickboxing classes, which attract the everyday exercise enthusiast.

Clients slam heavy ropes, quickstep through agility ladders, and flip 200-pound tires; rotating every 30 seconds between an aerobic pace activity and an explosive anaerobic weight-based movement with rests only between station switches.

Today’s High-Intensity Interval Training sessions rely heavily on research conducted by professional sports groups on athletic performance, Davidsmeier says.

“I’m trying to combat the desk job, being caught in a cubicle and driving all day. These are functional movements within an intense cardio workout…There’s no reason someone can’t be pushed to another level,” he explains.

At Camp Tampa in South Tampa, three studios combine to take on a world of new training styles. Designed to resemble a well-loved summer camp, the center offers circuit training, cycling and yoga, providing more than 80 classes weekly.

Co-founder in 2015 by Jamie Lanza and Jen Azzeralli and a part of the Ciccio Restaurant Group, Camp Tampa combines strong business acumen with a family commitment to customer service. The result is an exceptionally detail focused organization.

The Camp’s relaxed fun atmosphere belies the fact that every instructor receives six months of training before hitting the floor and each session is choreographed down to the last musical beat.  Instructors and classes must be consistently exceptional,

Lanza explains.

In the circuit training room, the high-intensity training method is applied in a group setting as 24 people rotate between Woodway- curved, self-propelled (no electricity!) treadmills and a full line of strength training equipment.

Led by an instructor with a carefully crafted road map, the athletes train for five to eight minutes at each station, switching with only a 1-minute rest. A colored light system identifies intensity levels, and a 42-inch subwoofer coupled with ceiling-embedded speakers, imbue the studio with a crazy energy that makes even training this hard, fun. Despite the playful approach, that

Despite the playful approach, that high-low, intensity results in a high-calorie burn. Although every physique is different, Lanza estimate’s guests burn on average 600 to 800 calories per session.

That’s quite a number in anyone’s book.

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High-Intensity Interval Training Tampa

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High-Intensity Interval Training.

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