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A home’s style is a reflection of its owner, and that’s true of your bathroom space as well. If your master bathroom or even one of your spares doesn’t speak to your favorite design, it might be time to consider a fresh face to those spaces. We’ve talked to some of the Bay area’s most in-the-know bath experts to give you four aspirational ideas for your next project. From spa inspiration and free-floating storage to additional seating options and natural stone, there are solutions for all tastes and styles.


Who doesn’t love the spa? Well, now, you can incorporate some of those same luxuries into your own home bath. Add push, touch and feel into your new timeless modern bath-room design. For instance, the Hansgrohe allows you to push the user-friendly and easy-to-clean select trim to create your ultimate shower experience.

Nancy Braamse of Olde World Cabinetry has several ex-amples, saying, “Therma Touch by Thermasol gives you a com-plete spa experience. One touch gives you light, sound, steam and music, all for you to relax by. Linear drains add elegance to your shower floor. No longer do you need a center drain that is pitched in four directions for you to stand on. Linear drains by Watermark can be placed on any wall or the en-trance of the shower, which allows for a clean curbless look.” Olde World Cabinetry, Plumbing & Hardware, 3751 62nd Av-enue North, Pinellas Park. 727-530-9779 or

Photo courtesy of Olde World Cabinetry, Plumbing & Hardware


Adding seating to your bathroom takes it from a functional room to a place to enjoy and escape to. The LC7 chair, designed in 1927 by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand is included in the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art and makes an excellent statement piece in your bathroom space.

Eric Cross of Home Resource elaborates, “It is also available for outdoor use and would make a great vanity seat. There is also the LC9 bath stool designed in 1927 by the same three designers, a symbol of personal hygiene, a matter of great concern for the Modernist Movement of the 1920s. Two chrome-plated steel tubes act as support from which two cross-bars can be removed, making it easy to replace the toweling seat.” Home Resource, 741 Central Avenue, Sarasota. 941-366-6690 or

Photo courtesy of Home Resource


Free-floating bathroom vanities along with free-standing tubs are very popular. They open up small spaces, and also allow for easy cleaning. Marc Hammar of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery says, “Free-standing tubs are the rage; almost 80 percent of our tub sales are free-standing. These are available as soaking tubs, as well as air baths. Again, they open up thespace, allowing smaller areas to look larger, and they come in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles.”

Additional trends include integrated countertops made from ceramic, solid surface or glass as well as more modern and contemporary bathroom faucetry with older-looking finishes like antique golds, satin golds, mink and platinum. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, 302 N Willow Avenue, Tampa. 813-251-1690 or

Photo courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery


Top designers and homeowners are taking full advantage of the limitless possibilities of natural stone, incorporating Travertine and Marble throughout their bathrooms. Using natural stone throughout the home is definitely the trend once again, but how it is being used is new and unique. Past trends often focused aesthetically on uniformity, with sizing and finishes of the stone being the dominant contrast throughout the build, but that’s changed.

Stone-Mart’s Omer Ozer explains the new trend in more detail, saying “Current trends are accentuating the depth of the color tone layers in natural stone, which cannot be replicated in a man-made products, providing the opportunity to use natural stone in multiple color-contrasting selections and finishes throughout their designs to create a one-of-kind signature build for your bath.” Stone-Mart, 6005 Anderson Road, Tampa. 813-855-6900 or

Photo courtesy of Stone Mart

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