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The World Of Lighting Continues To Change

A lot has changed in the world of lighting since the introduction of the light bulb nearly 140 years ago. Important advancements have made lighting more energy efficient and, much like the fashion industry, new styles have emerged to light up our lives inside and outside the home. So what’s trending now?

“Lighting has become the ‘jewelry’ of the home,” says Kathy Fyock, Lighting Specialist with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.“People are using lighting much as they would a piece of art and making it the focal point of their home decor.”

Creative Home Lighting


Creativity is key when it comes to lighting designs. Cape Cod custom home builder, Rob Warren opines that this trend is here to stay. Inspired by nature, designers are utilizing organic materials, such as twigs, shells, semi-precious stones, pearls, rope, and recycled wood.

When it comes to color, ‘dark is out and light is in’. Gone is the dark, heavy, ornate look associated with Tuscan and Mediterranean styles. Instead, cooler earthy shades are the predominant choice now. “And, of course, everything has gone LED!” exclaims Kathy.

Lighting Trends


Thanks to the prevailing farmhouse modern and mid-century modern styles, home interiors are becoming more contemporary. Look for fixtures that have sleek, simple lines as well as greater usage of recessed ‘strips’ for coves and step lighting. Iron fixtures reflecting a Spanish influence are also in vogue, as is the utilization of multiple fixtures. Rather than choosing just one chandelier, for example,decorators are opting for six pendants hung at different heights to create one large chandelier.

Mixed metals reflecting an artful blend of black, stainless steel, polished nickel, rose gold, antique bronze, and natural brass are becoming especially popular. Here in the Tampa Bay area Kathy says metallic color is a favorite among clients with the selection of polished nickel and soft golds in particular.

Since entertaining in the Tampa Bay area often transcends beyond interior rooms, lighting is conducive to creating ambiance and character outdoors. Pendants hang over outdoor kitchens, decorative chandeliers accentuate al fresco dining, wall lights and recessed cans highlight pool terraces, and galvanized fixtures adorn conversation areas. Along the coast, properties are incorporating the use of amber LEDs or ‘turtle lights’ to ensure the safety of turtle hatchlings as they venture from their beach nests to the ocean.

Lighting Focused on Outside Areas

Landscaping is also being enhanced with special lighting focused on garden areas, trees, and fountains. Particularly noteworthy is the concept of ‘moonlighting’ in which lights are strategically placed within a tree, giving the appearance of moonlight shining through the trees onto the walkways of a property.

Best Lighting For Your Home


So, how do you determine the appropriate illumination for your home?

“We recommend the TADA method,” explains Kathy. According to Ferguson’s team of lighting specialists TA DA stands for Task, Accent, Decorative, Ambient. The formula incorporates layers of lighting in order to get the proper illumination. For example: lighting under the kitchen cabinets is considered ‘task’ lighting. ‘Accent’ lighting could be two large pendants suspended over the island. An extra-large iron fixture is the ‘decoration’ while recessed cans serve as ‘ambient’ lighting.

When it comes to today’s trends in lighting, more people are going for form over function, according to Kathy. Styles are being mixed to create a truly unique look and there is an artistic flair for designing fixtures of abstract shapes.

“People are definitely having fun with lighting these days,” says Kathy.

Before buying, it’s really important to do your research. Why not take a look at furniture in fashion’s lighting range, you want to ensure you’re buying a light that’s perfect for your home.

Learn More About Lighting

For more information about lighting contact Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery call 813.251.1690 or visit

By: Linde Hyder

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