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2018 Design Trends


From the living room to the bedroom, this year’s design trends emulate modern interiors that embrace practical, eco-friendly options without the added expense. Recycled materials and reclaimed wood appear as furnishings alongside captivating 3-D wall art that uses tiles or wood to create a focal point in a room. Trends in the new year also introduce ceramics and glass into interior design layouts, while brassy gold metal tones return in décor and fixtures. In the color wheel, white and beige tones achieve the perfect complement to tribal patterns and other striking designs. For people who prefer more vibrant colors, reds and oranges make a comeback in the living and dining areas. While color does make a statement in these rooms, lighter hues prevail in the bedroom where minimalist décor and soothing tones rejuvenate and pamper the mind and body.

Florida décor tends to follow a modified style, especially in areas surrounded by shimmering turquoise waters and bountiful sunshine, according to interior design expert Suzan Decker Ross, ASID, of Decker Ross Interiors in Clearwater. According to Ross, she doesn’t see a significant shift among clients to include the new styles, but she does see a change in the homeowners’ perspectives toward interior design in Tampa Bay.

“The biggest shift we have seen is that instead of doing just one room, clients are gutting places and redoing the whole thing. They are hiring designers to furnish these homes from top to bottom,” she explains.

Many of her clients are older and relocating from the north, especially the Midwest, and buying a second home. They’re opting for coastal beach designs mixed with some furnishings that favor longevity, rather than the season’s current trends. Ross favors darker hues of navy, indigo, midnight blue and emerald in designs, that create an earthy, organic decor with a modern twist. Natural wood remains popular, and she’s ncorporating it in new ways, arranging artful wall treatments in the bedroom and on ceilings. Softer white and beige tones define the European-styled kitchen area, designed as a central gathering area for cooking meals and sparking conversations and togetherness among friends and family.

Design Firms


The design firm takes a focused approach to personalize a client’s decor throughout the home, using heirlooms or other pieces they have collected on their travels. “By taking a piece of art or a personal memento they brought home from their travels, we reframe the item and create a new statement that is a reflection of their lifestyle,” she says.

A self-described avid traveler around Florida and Europe, Ross visits local art shows and marketplaces and buys select pieces from area designers and artisans to integrate into her design projects.

“We try to create more unusual ‘aha’ memory points throughout the home. Some of the creations are displayed on the walls and ceilings, versus just hanging a piece of art,” Ross says. That “wow moment,” as she describes, may cost clients a little more in their design budget, but it becomes a signature piece in a room and can change the look and feel of that space.

Small Details Complete The Design


Small details are also important to completing a room’s design – from luxurious fabric to favorite pillows. Ross says designing is a systemic balance of harmonizing a room’s furniture pieces with different textures and colors to create balance.

“When you walk into a room, you should feel embraced by the space, not overwhelmed,” she reflects. “The biggest compliment I get from clients is that their home feels like them. That’s my way of giving back to make their lives better.”

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