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From Boho-Chic to Industrial Design

When it comes to decorating your home, it’s all about your personal sense of style. Though there are certainly rules when it comes to design, like many rules, they are made to be broken. Two design aesthetics that bend the rules to create their own senses of style are boho-chic and industrial. We talked with two local interior designers about these styles and how you may want to incorporate them into your home.

Boho-chic is an eclectic sense of style, one in which you may mix things that don’t necessarily mix by traditional design standards. “It’s my job to make them mix the best they can, or perhaps even guide my clients to a better mix,” said Kari Wilbanks of Kari Wilbanks Interior Design.

A bohemian mentality comes into play in boho-chic design, “that you’re free-spirited and of this world,” explained Kari. “If you travel and collect things along the way, they’re not going to match. Rather, they bring back memories and represent different times and events in your life.”

She added that stylish homes have a collected, almost curated feel to them, and that gives them the depth that may be more of a bohemian mentality.

“A collected, eclectic, layered boho-chic design reflects personality,” Kari said. “It says, ‘This is me as a whole – I’m not just this or that. And I’m going to show different sides of my personality through my furnishings.’ “

A layered, boho-chic aesthetic is also very welcoming. “You’re not going to be afraid to sit on the sofa, even though it’s white,” noted Kari.

Integrating various inspirations and design elements is also a part of the industrial design aesthetic.

“I don’t go by specific definitions (when it comes to design),” said Lisa Gilmore-Sarnowski, principal designer with Lisa Gilmore Design in St. Pete, when asked how she defines industrial design. “Instead, we pull from aspects of different inspirations.”

When creating an industrial design, oftentimes Lisa and her clients blend clean lines with raw woods, natural fibers, metals that will wear and patina over time when exposed to use and the elements, and even brightly colored artwork. As a designer, she believes all of these elements combine to create a casual and very livable space, with an industrial vibe.

“For an industrial look, I encourage my clients to mix certain mechanical elements with other things,” Lisa advised. “It’s easy to get caught up in a trend, and just because you want to do industrial doesn’t mean you have to go all in. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Pick something and play off of it to create your new look.”

Traditional, contemporary, boho-chic or industrial – how you decorate your home is a reflection of who you are. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from different parts of your lifestyle and personality and mix it up!

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